Leaving Recoset & new adventures

I am no longer working for Recoset, the company I co-founded almost 17 months ago. In talking with people, a few questions come back quite often:

Quit? Wasn't it your company?

 My co-founder, investors and employees also have equity or stock options. I'll remain a shareholder.

But wasn't it doing great?

Absolutely! Recoset is on a great trajectory, which is why it's safe for me to leave.

I'm happy with my contributions: finding an amazing co-founder and team, early customers and investors, overseeing a pivot to a much larger market and helping to recruit James, our new CEO.

That said, my skills won't be as useful at our upcoming stages of growth.

What now?

First, a couple months of long overdue travel. SF, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Bangkok, Honolulu.  

A few people have offered interviews and contracts. There are plenty of new startup ideas I'd like to explore, ranging from chocolate manufacturing to finance. Travel will give me time to reflect on what I want to do next.

Naturally I've learned a lot. Like all the startup CEOs I've spoken to, I beat myself up for things I could have done better or faster. With practice I might get good at starting companies.

Before committing to any given course, though, it's vacation time.