February in Thailand

Next month I start on a string of lindy hop events through Asia as I make my way back to North America. I'll probably be looking for consulting or other work by May.

This month was spent in Bangkok's Sathorn neighbourhood


I started the month taking 4 online classes through Coursera, and dropped 2 very early on. This leaves computational investing and intro to finance, which is already plenty.


I gained >5 lbs, though much of it was fat. Blame the 199 baht lunch buffet at Ibis hotel.

I've had to adjust my training program due to shoulder pain. Squatting more than 170 lbs is out of the question until that issue is resolved. Perhaps also due to overtraining, I can now only do 3-5 pull-ups and chin-ups before failure. Next month I'll concentrate on upper body strength and range of motion with progressive work on cable machines and push-ups.


Implemented a Naive Bayes algorithm to sort twitter bots from humans. After difficulty adding log probabilities and renormalizing, I went looking for better libs in Ruby. Two had float under-flow issues because they were multiplying too many small numbers, and some made decidedly odd choices for smoothing. nbayes does all this right, so it's replaced my own library. I'm glad I tried implementing my own because then I could then recognize a well-designed one.


Took a refresher Balboa class at The Hop. The real adventure starts March 1st at SEA JAM, followed by the after party in Phuket where I hope to see sharks on my next dive.