FOB in Japan

I'm at my buddy's in Akasaka, Tokyo. Isaac's apartment is small without feeling cramped.

A woman was outside announcing something on loud speaker. No idea if it's a sale at some department store or an evacuation order. No one seems worried.

Even that temporary home-base is befuddling. The A/C control turned out to be hot water heater. Showers and toilets aren't like anything I've used before. Curtains don't want to stay up.

At the convenience store I bought food and drink at random because the cashier there couldn't speak a word of English. Salty tuna in rice balls would not have been my first choice. It was tasty.

Sushi last night was incredibly tasting. The highlight was the fish killed and served in under 2 minutes, gills still moving with cut filets served at its side.

Must go out some more and explore - and take picture. Maybe as these experiences percolate, I'll have less stereotypical observations to offer.